The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Being Part Of An Organization

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Theoretical Evaluation
There are many factors that contribute to the strengths and weaknesses of being part of an organization. Before anyone such employees, managers, or those in the upper positions can recommend ideas to improve the strengths or solutions to the weakness, they should first consider some of theoretical concepts within organizational behavior.
The three positive factors that were most stated and highly rated in Raley’s employee survey include coworkers and their relationships, job variation, recognition and feedback.
One of the positive finding from the research was the relationships with employees. Having mutual trust, and respect for one another as well as forming a positive connection with each other can satisfy one of the higher-order needs under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. Higher-order needs are “needs that are satisfied externally, such as social, esteem, and self-actualization” (Robbin 185). Specifically, good work relations is connected to the social element in the higher-order needs. Being able to form a social connection and maintain a good relationship with others at the workplace, he or she can gain a sense of some type belongingness and acceptance. Overall, a positive relationship with co-workers can be internally satisfying on top of increasing motivation.
Job Variation
Another positive finding from the research was the job variation. Raley’s allow…

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