Essay on The Strengths And Weaknesses Associated With Tanf

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The strengths and weaknesses associated with TANF helps us determine what steps need to be taken to improve the policy in regards to teen pregnancy prevention. The strength that we see is that the policy provides pregnancy prevention programs to educate teens about being safe and about sexual advances. In the United States, teen pregnancy has decreased 45 percent between 1996-2012 (Bast, 2015, p.100). The weaknesses about this policy is the complex rules that teens must follow to become eligible to receive support. There are two rules that only minors, typically under 18, must adhere to. For example, if minor parents are not participating in educational or training activities, the states are prohibited from awarding TANF cash grants to minor parents. Likewise, if minor parents are not living with a parent, legal guardian, adult relative, or in a living arrangement approved by the state, the states are prohibited from awarding TANF cash grants to minor parents. In addition, there is only a 6-month lifetime assistance for a minor parent who is married to the head of the household or is considered the head of the household.
V. Recommendations We would recommend the continuation of this policy as evidenced by the increase in health programs involving teen pregnancy prevention there is the likelihood that these programs will reduce the rates of teen pregnancies and provide knowledge of effective resources that could aid in reducing the numbers of abortions as well. Furthermore,…

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