The Street Lit By Wahida Clark Essay

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Urban fiction or most known as street lit is by far the best genre around. What street lit is to me is grimy literature that focuses on the street life, sex and drugs. A good urban fiction novel is definitely a page turner and will keep you on your toes page after page. You can’t help but wonder what is coming next preventing you from putting it down. Author Wahida Clark for example is known as the “Queen of Thug Love Fiction.” from her sex, drug, and murder filled novels. Once you are done reading her book, you’ll be convince that you are living the life in the hood. From the cornrow rocking to the jailhouse visits, this author just doesn’t missed a beat in her writings. Author Clark excels in urban fiction writing about hood romance plots, successful characters, and raw & uncut dialogue as she takes it to another level. Wahida Clark was born and raised in the streets of New Jersey so you know she knows everything about the streets. She spent 9 ½ years in the women’s federal prison camp in Lexington, Kentucky for money laundering, mail fraud and wire laundering. While most people sit in jail rotting miserably, Clark spends her time writing not one but two sequels. Not only does she have to care of herself in prison, she has to care for her two daughters and her husband who is incarcerated also. Her novel Every Thug Needs a Lady gives you just that and will definitely leave you craving for more.
Based on reviews, this second novel of her Thug series is by far everyone’s…

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