The Street From The Lafayette Garden Projects Essay

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Growing up across the street from the Lafayette Garden projects in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn wasn 't a no-brainer, it was a "do or die" affair. The popular slogan in the streets was "kill or be killed." The fear was clearly understood because people lived like there was no tomorrow. The murder was very prevalent back then and even now. Much has not changed except the brownstone buildings stand more beautifully but the culture is still the same. Last year alone, there were twenty-nine murders reported irrespective of the new facelift of Bed-Stuy.

It has been very tough right from the beginning. Fortunately, I stumbled on my career path by Providence. I am the middle child in a family of five children, and I also happen to be the only girl. My parents emigrated from Nigeria in the early nineties and settled in Bed-Stuy because of the considerably cheap rent. The culture shock was real. My parents’ marriage took a downward turn, but my mother vowed and employed different ways to prevail, and to make her offspring succeed in obscene circumstances.

The first thing my mom did was to enroll us in schools outside the vicinity. We traveled almost forty minutes every morning to get to our location, the East Manhattan School. My mother did not permit nor allow my brothers and I to hang around children in the neighborhood because of fear of bad influence and peer pressure. We were indeed isolated, and she was determined (for our excellence.) Secondly, she took it…

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