The Strategy Of The Msm Team And How It Affects The Decision Making Process

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Introduction This paper will cover the IT operating technology that the MSM team relies on and the impact that technology has on the customer. This paper will cover the dominant IT strategy of the MSM team and how it impacts the decision making process. This paper will discuss the technology barriers that present that make continued success difficult. This paper will cover a plan for immediate change including the considerations and processes for that change.
MSM Team’s Operational Technology Here at our work center the MSM team has several networks it must maintain. Most of the networks do not interact with each other so in order for the networks to operate correctly they must all have independently working parts. For example, we must have seven sets of domain controllers, seven sets of file servers and seven sets of routers and switches etc. This causes our networks to have a large footprint as the equipment must all be in separate racks. The team typically likes to take the VMware approach because it allows us to have application segregation, increased resource utilization effectiveness as well as an easy way to spawn new instances of supporting infrastructure (Lohr, 2009). This approach is common in most industries and you would think it would be common at this authors work center but we have only deployed VM networks to four of our seven networks. The limiting factor is cost and the lack of support by leadership. The MSM team also has several brands of networking…

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