Description Of The Battle Of Confederacy

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In 1860s, because the fact of southern states wanted to remain the slavery stable while the North desired to abolish the slavery. Meanwhile Abraham Lincoln led the Union and fought with the Confederacy whose commander was Jefferson Davis. The goal of union was to protect the unity, but many armies were controlled by South, also they owned wide land. It seemed difficult for the Union troops to win the Confederacy drastically. Moreover, the strategy of Confederacy was only to defense, controlled the battleground still in North lands. They waited for the North crumbling from within, then they would have sufficient reason to persuade the Union to stop the Civil War (Goldfield, The American Journey: A History of the United State, P402). When …show more content…
It is well-known that the strategy of Confederacy was only to defense and controlled all the battles in North’s territory. For example, in March 1862, President Lincoln ordered General George McClellan, who commanded the Army of the Potomac, to attack Richmond. Meanwhile, General Robert E. Lee, who commanded Confederate troops, attacked McClellan`s right flank in June 25, 1862. This attack caused McClellan`s armies had to change their position to defense, and the Union could not occupy Richmond (Goldfield, P407). When the war began, the Union defeated Confederacy by a surprise action. The Union`s Navy obstructed the South`s waterway transport (Goldfield, P408).It directly caused economy of the South become more and more weak, and also caused food and other supplies shortages. Due to Union chose a better military strategy, not only fought the Confederacy on lands, but obstructed their waterway transport. It was a significant reason why the Union was able to win the war finally.
In conclusion, more resources, better military strategies, an excellent leader are the main reason to help the North win the war and protect the unity. So we can found that the resource is foundation to run the whole organization, and military strategies are the key to win every battle. Moreover, the leadership helped the America to become
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The first one is Spain, so Spain led the whole Western Hemisphere to outlaw slavery (Goldfield, P286). In the United States, due to the demand for cotton, this triggered the largest internal migration that thousands of slave laborers moved, which has never occurred in the history of the world. As a result, Upper South slaveholders exported to the Lower South a large number of black laborers between 1790 and 1860. Lawmaker found there were large profits in trading slaves, rather than crop cultivation. Around 40 percent of African-Americans who were working in the Upper South, and they were compiled to work for the cotton economy. Primarily, they were sold through interstate; secondarily, their masters also transferred the slavers. In 1850, the Upper South started to free the slavers, called “free persons of color”. In Delaware, only 2 percent of people are slaver, 17 percent of people are free black. (Goldfield, P296) Passing Black codes trigger Africa-American became anger, which caused the

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