The Stranger By Monsieur Meursault Essay

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Different philosophies reveal different perspectives on life. Absurdity is a philosophy that

defines life as unreasonable and lacking of a defined meaning. In contrast, humans have an

innate nature to give meaning to life. Albert Camus reveals his absurd outlook in The Stranger

through Monsieur Meursault’s actions and attitudes. Meursault’s actions and attitudes are

unconventional, and their existence causes numerous difficulties. Meursault, who is an

embodiment of Albert Camus, believes that there is no rational meaning to life, but it does not

matter because everyone has the same fate.

Meursault can live a relatively normal life even though he is an emotionless person.

In the first lines of the novel, Meursault, addressing his mother’s death, says, “That doesn’t

mean anything.” His apathy and isolation are also apparent when he talks about the marriage

with Marie Cardona. He simply does not care. This can be seen in Meursault with anything

emotionally or socially related. Meursault is indifferent and does not show expression in any of

such cases because he chooses not to. He even provides terse descriptions of anything emotional

or social. On the other hand, Meursault carefully examines physical aspects of life. He goes at a

great length to describe nature and settings. For example, after his outing with Marie Cardona, he

wakes up and examines the main street in the neighborhood. He describes all the people he sees

walking by with great…

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