Essay on The Stranger By Albert Camus

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A novel that captivates its readers and incorporates a variety of literary styles that attracts every type of reader, The Stranger, written by Albert Camus, is a book that continues to take on different interpretations. Revolved around the life of the main character, Meursault, the book expands the perspectives of the meaning and purpose of life through the everyday experiences and the complex yet seemingly simple plot. The scholarly article written by Michael D. Sollars in "The Stranger." explores the belief that absurdity is portrayed in the character of Meursault by describing specific examples in the novel in support. Another critique named R.W.B Lewis who wrote an article called, “Albert Camus 's Style and Critique of Tragedy,” dives deeper into the influences that drove Camus in incorporating absurdism throughout the book and his connection to Meursault. In addition, writer John Foley also published his article called, “The Outsider,” to discuss and bring to light the minutia from the novel that depicts certain instances of absurdity in Meursault. The Stranger is a novel completely built upon Albert Camus’ strong belief of absurdism which can be conspicuously found in the character Meursault and Camus’ style of writing. Intertwined throughout the novel, absurdism plays a key factor in the development of Meursault’s character and the tone of the writing. Albert Camus incorporates his point of view on how absurdism is “defined as the painful awareness of the great…

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