The Strange Encounter - Original Writing

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As she walked into the studio, Dylan fought with her urge to play with her hair, knowing the hairdressers who had spent hours styling her locks would moan again that she was ruining their work. Instead, she twisted the chunky golden bracelets that hung from her wrists, finding comfort in the repetitive motion.
James had been livid, in fact, she was sure he was going to hurt the man that had locked himself in her dressing room and although James pinned him against the wall, oddly, after a few minutes of spewing in his face with feral eyes, it was as though he’d been subdued into a trance, releasing the man who scarpered off without so much as looking back at Dylan. James hadn’t mentioned the strange encounter since.
Could she trust the stranger? She wanted to more than anything. She wanted to get away from her life, from James, but what if this was a trick set up to test her loyalty? Dylan shook her head as she pushed these thoughts from her mind. She was on the cusp of filming a live interview, she couldn’t annoy James any further than she already had. Determined to promote a good image of herself, her confidence was on the rise after the few glasses of neat rum she’d drank though she wished she’d had more. She closed her eyes, wishing she was home with her family.
“It’s great to see you back so soon, Dylan!”
She opened her eyes, unaware of moving to the crushed velvet seat on set.
“I love Russia! I just can’t stay away.”
The set brought back devastating thoughts of

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