Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Summary

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Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) was a Scottish writer, more drown into novels, that became famous with his “Treasure Island” (1883) and “The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” (1886). He was born in the capital of Scotland Edinburgh. His father was the notable engineer Thomas Stevenson. He had very over protected parents that didn’t allow him to leave his house much, due to his chronic bronchial disease. It was lying in bed that he developed his artist side, and came up with some of his works, like “A children´s Garden of Verses” (1885), that was written later in his life, however he had already thought of this book years earlier. Stevenson firstly followed the footsteps of his father in engineering and afterwards became a lawyer, nevertheless …show more content…
It is a small, but enthusiastic book, it´s easy to read and as an overwhelming plot.
The plot begins with Mr Utterson, a very famous lawyer, and Mr Enfield, walking across town and talking about there one life, as good friends often do. Mr Enfield suddenly remembers to tell his friend of something that he witnesses a while back after a late night at the pub. He saw a very mysterious and sinister man, Edward Hyde, bumping into a little girl with no regard towards her safety, with only the intention of hurting her. Mr Enfield went after this Mysterious man and they didn’t allow him to ran out of the scene and brought him back towards the little girl family and the doctor she was about to see. As the doctor told them that she was okay, very scared, but okay, Mr Enfield and the little girl family demand Mr Hyde to give the little girl 100 pounds for his abuse of the little girl. He then agreed with their demands and went into a building to get what they wanted. He arrived with 10 pounds in gold and check from the account of a very respectful Henry Jekyll. Dr Jekyll was a costumer and friend of Mr Utterson, so he thought this was rather odd. Utterson was even more suspicious because Dr Jekyll had recently changed his will, whereas all of his belongings would go to his heir Edward Hyde. He decided to further investigate this matter, as he thought Hyde could be blackmailing his friend Jekyll. So he met with Hyde, he has disgusted with his figure, he was deformed and was a very brute man. However, to his admiration, Hyde willingly gave him one his

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