The Story ' The Life Boat ' Essay

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The act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. When a human being does this, this act is called cannibalism.
The story, “The Life Boat”, is a story about four sailors stranded at sea. They have little to food and the only water they have is from rain water. After they ate all of their food about twelve days in, they had nothing else to eat. They went a while without food or water. Now this is where the story gets interesting. When they were out of food, the only source of food they had were the other guys on the boat. They were getting weaker and weaker as the days past. One of them were weaker than the other three, Richard Parker, so the others consulted without him, to kill him and eat his body. They lived on his body for four days then they ran out of food and was then rescued.
Many people will look at this story and think, this was not the only way they could have survived; that is a normal person thinking. The consequentialist theory that aims at the most happiest for the greatest amount of people. The word for that definition is utilitarianism. Did the three guys that killed the one guy to survive do the right thing according to utilitarianism? Or, what about according to Kantianism? Kantianism is hard to put into definition. An example of Kantian Ethics is: if I decided to steal something even though it’s wrong, then it is okay to steal whenever I want. But, is it okay to universalize stealing? No, it is not okay, because…

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