Essay about The Story Of ' Wake Up '

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Only a few hours have past since he had fallen asleep. All of a sudden, his mother burst through the door, “Wake up, Zira!” his mother screamed from the top of her lungs. Zira jumped out of his bed, panicking from his mother yelling, and the screeching sound of a woman screaming outside his window. Both turned their heads towards the window to watch what was happening. Zira came out of his daze and went into the living room with is mother to meet up with his father. His father was wielding a long sword and a shield, the sword was shining from the small light in the living room; this sword hasn’t seen blood yet. “Dad, what is going on out there, I just saw a woman covered in blood streaming down the road?!” Zira yelled nervously. “The Downers are here, and they are here in numbers we have never seen before,” Arto explained to Zira. “We need to reach the outskirts of Cintra and go to the village Daevon to be safe from these foul creatures.” “Are we ready to leave, Arto?” Carina asked. “Shorty, my love.” Arto reassured her to ease her. As they were leaving the house, something went through the living room window. It was human shaped, but he appeared wet and had large eyes, which only means: a drowner. Zira and his mother run behind his father, while his father unsheathed the sword and gets ready to swing at the drowner. The drowner gets up and screamed at Arto to put fear into him, but Arto did not fear it. The sword got enough momentum, Arto then swung it towards the…

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