Essay about The Story Of The Sanchez Family

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The Sanchez Family is a large Mexican family that has a series of situations that is affecting each family member, but also is affecting them as a whole. Celia and Hector have been married for forty years and they have lived in the United States for twenty years. Celia has dedicated herself to taking care of the family and their home. Unfortunately, she has not been able to learn to speak English which has been a barrier for her. She is extremely worried about their finances and how they are going to meet everyone’s needs. For that reason, she is interested in getting help, however Hector is against receiving any help. She does not like to defy her husband, nevertheless she has reached out to her church and secretly has been receiving help from their food pantry. Hector works as a laborer for a construction company and is the main source of income for the household. Although he has this job he is worried about the layoffs there might be due to the economic instability the country is facing. Additionally, he has various medical conditions that are affecting his health. He has been offered help from the government, but he would never accept help from the government. These are just some of the issues impacting this family. Social workers should be prepared to identify their problems, address their concerns and set goals based on the different theories and perspectives that exist and best fit into their situations. This analysis will discuss how Celia’s and Hector’s various…

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