The Story Of The Movie ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Shank Side district lay in the far corner of Alshan, crunched against the crumbling, moss-covered wall that reached well over twenty feet high and circled the entire city. Cobblestone streets turned from dirt to mud as Asher ventured deeper into Shank Side. Though the quality of living decreased the farther he walked from the Wheezing Spire, life itself became more pleasant, less dangerous since Sozerain didn’t often navigate these muddy side streets. Guards kept watch from the ramparts for any sign of rebellion. Asher shivered, due to cold or fear he couldn’t tell, as he watched their shifting silhouettes against the sky as several moved along the wall. He knew rebellion was a lost cause, especially in Shank Side. He heard talk of uprising three years ago, shortly after the new king came to power, but those were quickly quelled as more and more citizens were made examples of. Rules and law bound their hands tighter than ropes and chains. Minds became prisons, and fear grew until it became a way of life. It was the beginning of winter, and the cold was just starting to settle in like an unwanted guest. Asher felt sure they would see the first snow in a couple of weeks, and that thought tightened his chest with dread. Grainy yellow lights glowed inside several of the tiny homes, no better than shacks. Grime covered the doors and windows; muddy footprints trailed over stone steps leading to the more elevated part of Shank Side. Asher made his way up the steps,…

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