The Story Of The Camp Essay

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1. When Jeanne and her family first arrived at Manzanar, every aspect of the camp seems to be uncomfortable and not reaching any good standard. The first thing they do when they arrive to camp is have dinner and the food they served was so different and unsatisfactory that, “Few of us could eat such a mixture. (page 20) Their first impression of the camp was already poor. Then she described their living conditions, which was basically a poorly constructed shack by the sounds of it. The walls were built with gaps for the cold and sand to get through and the small “sixteen by twenty feet” (page 21) room had to be divided for eight of them. After their first night, they woe up “shivering and coated with dust that had blown up through the knotholes and in through the slits around the doorway.” (page 23) When talking about these conditions, I find it most surprising the tone she takes. She talks very matter of fact, meaning that she doesn’t directly call the conditions awful and talk about how dreadful it all was, she simply states exactly what it was like. It also surprises me the detail she added when they woke up the first morning. She recalls a moment with her brother, “His eyebrows were gray, and he was starting to giggle. He was looking at me, at my gray eyebrows and coated hair, and pretty soon we were both giggling.” (Page 23) I find it surprising that instead of waking up and realize just how awful they have it, they choose to laugh at the current situation. It shows…

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