The Story Of The Book ' Rings Ring Rings ' Essay

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“Ring Ring Ring.” The phone about fell off the wall. Her brother turned and looked her straight in the eyes, I sank heavily in her chest. “Hello?” he asked anxiously, his voice shaking. Fighting hard to hold back the tears, “Okay I will tell them. I love you too.” He turned back towards the rest of them sitting at the table, “That was Mom, Grandpa just passed away.” Those words lingered long and heavy in the air for a few minutes. When they finally sunk in, the tears began rolling down her cheeks. I was deep in her chest feeling her sorrow beating faster, harder, faster, harder, almost jumping out of her body. She got up and left the kitchen table, pacing back and forth not sure what to do next. Her brothers continued to sit around the table, everyone silent not knowing what to say. “Ring Ring Ring,” I stopped, mid beat, everyone just looked at each other for a minute. “Ring Ring Ring,” she walked over to the wall I was racing so fast, so anxious, so nervous. Lub Dub, Lub Dub, Lub Dub. “Hello?” She asked nervously. “Oh. Hi. Yeah, we won’t be in school for a couple days. Please come over when you get home.”
It was a very close friend of hers, the two of them were basically attached at the hip. Her friend was calling because none of the siblings had been on the bus that morning. It was very strange for them all to not be in class, so her friend panicked and called to see what was going on. I could feel her fighting back the tears…

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