Sarah And Juan Commercial Analysis

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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure Extra gum’s commercial, “The Story of Sarah and Juan,” is exactly what Bob Greenberg, a leader in the commercial advertising industry, suggested for keeping advertisements fresh and interesting: make the advertisement the entertainment. The commercial is heart-warming as well as a tearjerker. Extra’s commercial follows the love story of two high school sweethearts, Sarah and Juan, through many different emotional times in their relationship together. The commercial shows Sarah and Juan from the first time they met, all the way up until Juan proposes to Sarah. The commercial depicts an emotional relationship with Sarah and Juan, uses hashtags to advertise their product, and conveys their brand loyalty …show more content…
Juan and Sarah are high school sweethearts, which is something that people can relate to, and something that people think is adorable. The settings of this commercial include their high school, Juan’s car, prom, a picnic, a snowstorm, an airport, and finally an art gallery. The commercial follows their relationship from the first time they met until Juan proposed. When Sarah turns around and Juan is on one knee to propose, the song is right in the middle of the word “love,” which is definitely intentional. That song alone is a very well known and emotional song that a lot of people can connect to. It can transport people emotionally, and make them think about a time they were in love. The audience can relate the moments they were in love to this commercial, making them think about Extra gum. I think that the intended audience for this commercial could be anyone. It could be all the way from someone in preschool with a crush on someone else, someone in high school starting to date, young adults getting ready to get married, and even elderly couples who are celebrating their anniversaries. The commercial could also relate to all high school students, even if they are not in a relationship, because chances are that they have seen couples like Sarah and Juan in the hallway before. Even if someone is single, this commercial can also relate to familial

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