The Story Of Persephone By Ted Hughes And Pomegranate Essay

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Family can be both a weakness and a strength. Sometimes it can push you to do your best and other times it can cause you to fall. The bonds between parent and child can be considered the strongest bond in the world and there is nothing a parent would not do if that means the child can be safe and happy. In the original myth of Persephone, when her mother Demeter finds out her daughter was kidnapped she torn the world apart. She shows that nothing can keep a parent away from their child if they can stop it. The intense determination to get her daughter back is a great example to how a parent and child hold a special bond. In the two works Tales of Ovid by Ted Hughes and Pomegranate by D.M. Thomas, the story of Persephone is told in two different ways, the poem focuses more on family and the myth adaption on telling the story; both works convey similar lessons but in different ways.
Between the two, there are similar situations reflected connecting a similar theme. The main event that occurs in both pieces is the fact that a daughter is shared between two other people, staying six months with each person. In the poem, Thomas describes the situation as, “the statutory six-months with her mother” suggesting the father sees her staying with her mother as more of an requirement than a want (Thomas). The idea of a divided family is reflected from the myth to the poem and Thomas is able to capture the emotions of a parent who does not wish to part with their child. The father…

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