The Story Of O.j. Simpson And His Wife Nicole Simpson Essay

2550 Words Apr 29th, 2016 11 Pages
The story of O.J. Simpson and his wife Nicole Simpson is a unique story. The couple transitioned from love and family, to beatings and death. Therefore did people know that O.J. Simpsons’ house was visited by the police for a domestic violence call? The fact that O.J. was a famous football star excluded him from receiving any jail time. Despite an incident like this happening, why did Nicole not divorce OJ after the first time that it happened? Domestic violence is a sensitive topic, but it must be acknowledged and discussed. Men need to learn that beating their wives senseless is not a good way to keep a happy marriage. In addition, we as a community also need to open out eyes and learn that domestic violence is a real problem and we need to try and stop it by counseling, awareness, education, and taking stands at the celebrity level. Domestic violence can come in many ways, shapes, and forms; although physical, teenage dating, verbal, and sexual are four of the highest ranking forms of abuse. Having a spouse who is verbally abusive is just as horrific as having a spouse who physically abusive. In the O.J. Simpson case he physically abused Nicole and police records show that she came running out of the bushes saying, “He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me!” (Rimer , 1994). That was not the only occasion that O.J. had the police called on him. There were also eight other phone calls that were made all for domestic violence. However, phone calls were just a start with…

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