The Story Of My Body By Judith Cofer Essay

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In "The Story of My Body" Judith Cofer recounts significant life moments similarly to how society picked her apart, attribute by attribute. Cofer 's body image was criticized due to societal values, image standards, and cultural differences, thus giving her a different perception of the world as a whole. Moving from Puerto Rico to the United States caused Cofer to view herself in a different light, due to the difference of image values in the two countries. The American society places a high value on looks and physical appearance. While criticizing appearance seems extremely American, it happens across all cultures but different attributes have a different value. The early Euro-American settlers set the original standard of beauty for the world to follow.
Throughout history, the standard definition of female beauty has been unrealistic and difficult to accomplish. In order to meet standards, set for them, girls often turn to their peers and elders as an example of what they should present to the world “Often, girls and young women work diligently to attain the "perfect" model physique pictured in advertisements and commercials, but not all women are genetically born to be tall and thin. When unable to meet this ideal body goal, many women develop negative feelings and beliefs about their body" (Cash & Pruzinsky, 1990). Evidence of this in the piece is when Cofer mentions, "I learned to be a pretty girl from a pretty mother." This type of comparison usually leads to…

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