The Story Of Molly Bolt Essay

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Molly Bolt is known to do exactly what her name implies: Bolt. She travels from location to location seeking acceptance and companionship. She travels from her home in Pennsylvania to Fort Lauderdale, the University of Florida, and New York. She finds trouble and creates issues in every place she goes. Although Molly has a lot of setbacks, she never lets that define her. She gets up, keeps moving, and eventually falls into her next batch of trouble. Her pursuit almost always fails and she is left on the outside by her lack of legitimate family, sexuality, and interest in pursuing the film industry. Molly is known to do a lot of activities to please herself but Molly is just looking for social inclusion. She wants to be accepted by the people she accepts.
Molly finds out that she is a bastard at a very young age. It changes Molly’s perception of herself. Her mother doesn’t show love for her, and often yells at her for acting unladylike. Molly just moves along with her life exclaiming “so what. So what I’m a bastard. I don’t care.” (9). Although Molly doesn’t seem to care, it deeply affects her. She has a minor mental breakdown and wonders about the mistakes she could have made as a baby to force her mother to leave her. They affect her greatly as she moves on with her life, she doesn’t listen to her mother and even goes as far as to have sexual relationships with her cousin Leroy because they aren’t technically cousins. Molly doesn’t realize that she is drastically affected…

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