Essay about The Story Of Mia. Mia

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In a land far, far, away, there lived a princess. Whose name was Mia. Mia was a beautiful princess, an only child, and had somewhat of a defiant side. All her life she tended to stray far from the life her parents wanted her to live. She often daydreamed about leaving the castle, being whoever she wanted to be, and not have any obligations. Unfortunately, that is just what it was, an inaccessible fantasy. As she approached the age of 18, she grew afraid. The older she got, the more her parents mentioned marriage, which is the last thing Mia wanted. “Mia, you’re a beautiful young woman, but you are getting older, and soon we will need to find you a prince,” her parents often told her. Mia was exhausted from hearing this over and over. She had been declining this since she turned 15, however tomorrow was her 18 birthday, and she knew her parents were going to pick a spouse for her.
“Start looking for your prince, Mia.”
“Find a prince or I’ll find one for you,” seemed to be all she heard, anymore. She was fed up. Mia decided that night, she would run away from the castle. She spent all day planning her runaway. When night time arrived, she was ready. Her plan was when the clock struck midnight, she would escape from her window and run as far as she could. The time came. Mia heard the clock and jumped out of bed. She grabbed a bag of her things that she had gathered earlier, and ran out of the door, without a sound. It seemed like she ran for years when she found herself at a…

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