The Story Of How My Grandparents, Paul And Linda Richardson First Met

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The story of how my grandparents, Paul and Linda Richardson first met, is definitely a unique one. My Grandfather’s childhood was not the ideal family at all, he wished to be on his own after high school. Linda, on the other hand, had a “perfect” family life, her dad was the “love of her life”, and meant the world to her. Paul and Linda obviously had two extremely diverse families that did not mix well. Paul’s mother had much hatred towards Linda for no reason at all. From the time they met to this day, his side of the family still gives some troubles to their relationship but they have learned to let it be causing no issues. As Paul said to Linda, “He has always wished for a family like hers.”
Shortly after Paul graduated from high school in Gardena, California he knew he was going to be drafted by the army for the Vietnam War. He instead joined the United States Navy before the draft had been issued. When Paul was sent to boot camp for three months, his family moved to Anaheim, California just two doors down from Linda in 1962. Paul came back home for two weeks in September when his brother and Linda’s sister, who were friends their senior year of high school, decided to introduce Paul to Linda on September fourth of 1962. At first, Linda was not attracted to Paul, but she then liked the fact that Paul did not attempt to maul, take advantage of her, or even try to kiss her. It grew on Linda that she began to admire him for being such a respectful man. This led to their…

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