Essay about The Story Of Homer 's ' Odyssey '

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Background It has been 20 years since Odysseus has left the nymph Calypso’s Island and returned to Ithaca, living the past twenty years with his family not giving the nymph much thought. Calypso on the other hand hadn’t gone a day without thinking of the king. Calypso had given birth shortly after Odysseus had left to a beautiful baby girl. Calypso, alone named the girl Chryssa and promised to never let the child leave her sights in order to keep her reminder of Odysseus.

“Mother can’t I please leave the island?” the young girl asked with a sign in her voice. As Calypso entered the room she with an irritated face as she didn’t like the idea of her only family member leaving her behind. As she set the dinner on the table she answered, “Chryssa you know the rules you may not leave this island under any circumstances, this is your home.” The two locked in argument over the issued continued the rest of the night in silence. “Chryssa I am going to go for a walk on the beach I will be back by sunrise please be safe,” Calypso said as she began to survey the beaches in order to find her next trapped lover. This was her chance Chryssa was tired of being treated like a little girl, so as her mother left the house she began to pack for a journey. She packed a bag a left a note for her mother explaining how she,

“Cannot stay on this island anymore,” and how she needed to, “Explore and see the world around her.” She left the note on the table grabbed her bag and set out…

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