Personal Narrative: The Walking Dead

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It was a clear Saturday night, full of excitement and anticipation. Two teenage brothers, Chip and Zander, were headed to one of the biggest Halloween parties in the county. Chip dressed up as a mechanic, and Zander went as a zombie based from the television show, The Walking Dead. Their mother had given them strict instructions to be home by midnight as she wanted to ensure they would make it home safe before the night became too crazy. Even though the boys were having a great time dancing, eating junk food, and drinking fruit punch, they respected their mother’s request and slowly began saying their goodbyes to all of their high school friends. As they hopped in Chip’s truck, they began reminiscing over how fun the night had been and …show more content…
Normally, the boys never arrived home late, even by a minute. The parental sense that something had gone terribly wrong kicked in and the boys’ father went looking while their mother notified the police. Finally, a police officer arrived, and the mother gave him all the information about what was going on. The police officer immediately called out for a search party to be organized when the boys’ father called with horrifying news. He had found the boys’ car parked on the side of the gravel road with the keys left on the seat, and no sign of the boys.
It was now around 2:30 am when a task force that specialized in missing people arrived on the scene. The night was cool and a feeling of emptiness flowed through the air as the members of the task force found nothing but, a pool of blood, parts of Zander’s zombie costume, and long skid marks from where another vehicle sped off. Just as the parents thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, the father receives a mysterious phone call from an unknown number.
“Hello? Who is this?” The boys’ father
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So here’s what I want. Since you are the Senator of this great state, and I’m fulling aware of the large numbers in your bank account, I am giving you twelve hours to prepare five million dollars for me. Call it my retirement fund.”
“Please don’t harm my boys. I’ll do whatever you want. How should I get you your money?” The boy’s father asked?
“Senator Burke, I’m not stupid! I’m aware the police are currently listening in on this phone call so I want you to drive by yourself to the pay phone on the corner on 108th and Pacific. The phone there will then ring with precise instructions on how I will get my money. Oh, and if you try anything funny or if I even sense the slightest whiff of a cop or FBI agent anywhere, you will never see your boys alive again. And by the way, the faster I get my money the better chance the zombie has of living due to the fact that is leg is bleeding rather badly.”
Their father frantically replies, “Please don’t hurt my children! I’ll be at the corner of 108th and Pacific as soon as

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