The Importance Of Cancer In My Life

“Grandma Cooper has cancer.” My heart dropped to my stomach, my eyes stung with tears, my lungs stopped working, and everything hurt. Cancer is a word that causes great fear, sadness, worry, dread, and many more terrible emotions. For me, I have heard the word since before I knew what the real fear of it was. I do not think I truly understood the sadness that the word could invoke when I was younger, I never understood until I was old enough to know that I could lose someone I was very close to and loved very much. My great grandma was the last person in my family to have cancer, and she had the most impact on my life. I watched my grandma go through this terrible battle and then eventually lose. Other people in my family had went through cancer when I was young, but she is the …show more content…
In her life she has lost so much. Her dad lost the battle from lung cancer, her brother from throat cancer, and her sister from breast cancer. She has watched half of her family suffer from this retched disease. Now her mom has cancer. She is losing everything to cancer it seems like. She even went through it herself. She beat it though. Everything in her life has been tainted by cancer. She has went through the hardest time. I cannot remember much of the process of cancer from my other family. I remember my Great Grandpa Cooper and Uncle Kent but not much of their battle of cancer. I remember their smiles when they saw me and the happiness they still had even after all they went through. I saw them with cancer and did not even realize it. They always had happy smiling faces in my memories. I did not even know my Grandma Connie had had breast cancer until I was older. I was so shocked to find out that she went through such a thing herself. She is such a strong woman. I look up to her for everything in my life. She is the best person in this world to me. Her still being strong enough to support her mom is a real show of

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