Essay about The Story Of Enuma Elish

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The story of Enuma Elish is inscribed on seven cuneiform tablets, recovered by a collector named AH Layard in Iraq (Matthews and Benjamin). This story has some parallel tales told in the Old Testament, such as Genesis, Exodus and the Psalms. This story presents the father and mother, Apsu and Tiamat, who represent saltwater and freshwater who were present before the creation of the universe. This story provides a description of a series of gods that were created: “When on high ... No heaven HAD Been named, called earth No, not Annunaki ... There was nothing ... nothing but Old Father Apsu and Mummu-Tiamat, Mother of All Living" (Matthews and Benjamin). The wisdom acquired from the Gods has a similar theme as presented in the book of Genesis. The tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden has the power of giving wisdom, ,understanding and strength: “Increasing in wisdom, in understanding and in ... strength.” (Matthews and Benjamin). In the Enuma Elish, Apsu planned to destroy the gods and form a universe of order in a chaotic world, but the god Ea kills Apsu before he could fulfill his plan. In the book of Genesis, it also describes a world full of chaos (Matthews and Benjamin). In Enuma Elish, the God Ea joins Damkina and creates a perfect son called Marduk (Matthews and Benjamin). Some phrases allusive to his son, Marduk, were found on the seven cuneiform tablets and in the bible, such as "Divine the womb That bore him" (Luke 11:27), "My beloved is! My son, who is my…

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