Db Cooper Identity

Considered by many as one of the most famous disappearances, D.B. Cooper’s identity remains mysterious and enigmatic in recent history. Almost 45 years after the hijacking incident of Northwest Airlines, nobody still knows his real identity. Recently, the F.B.I has closed the manhunt, but the question remains the same: Who is D.B. Cooper?

The name D.B. Cooper is a descriptive name created by the media to refer to an unknown man who hijacked Northwest Airlines Flight 305. The story of D.B. Cooper started in the afternoon of November 24, 1971, at Portland International Airport. A 5’10” man in his mid-forties with an attaché case checked himself in with a one-way Northwest Airline ticket bound for Seattle. He identified himself as Dan Cooper.
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Cooper had a plan. He wanted the pilot to fly him to Mexico City within minimum airspeed and a maximum of 10,000-foot altitude. Additionally, he specified the angle of the wing flaps, the landing gear remained deployed and that the rear exit door remained open with the staircase extended, although the latter was objected by Northwest’s main office. Although everyone on the plane was aware of his plans, they did not exactly know what exactly those were. And so, while the plane was flying towards Reno, Nevada for refueling, Cooper jumped out of the aircraft, carrying with him the ransom money. It was only after the plane’s landing at Reno, Nevada that they were able to confirm that Cooper has mysteriously disappeared from the aircraft. The exact time and location of his disappearance are unknown and even though two fighter aircraft were shadowing the Boeing 727, they were not able to identify when Cooper exactly jumped off.

Theories on whom and what happened to Dan Cooper surfaced after that fateful day. Flight attendants who were able to interact with him helped in creating the composite drawing of his face. Suspects were rounded up with one man from Oregon, D.B. Cooper, as one of the first who was questioned by the authorities. There was no clear evidence and he was released later on.
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Cooper. One of the main suspects was Kenneth Christiansen, whose story was detailed in the books “Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper” by Geoffrey Gray and “Into the Blast: The True Story of D.B. Cooper” by detective Skipp Porteous. The claim started in 2003 when Kenneth’s brother, Lyle Christiansen, continuously convinced authorities and a film director on the identity of his brother due to circumstantial evidence. Kenneth Christiansen was a trained paratrooper who shared similar characteristics and habits with D.B. Cooper. Kenneth was said to have bought a house month after the hijacking and after his death, his family found $200,000 in his account, valuable gold coins, and newspaper clippings of Northwest Orient. The flight attendant Florence Schaffner also recounted how Kenneth Christiansen has the most resemblance to Dan Cooper compared with the other suspects. However, the authorities dismissed the claim due to lack of incriminating

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