Comparison Of Scarlet And Ahmedi's The Other Side Of The Sky

Do you ever wonder what drives a person to undertake such an impossible and difficult mission? Based on Cinder’s, Scarlet's, and Ahmedi's experiences in their books and short stories, Cinder and Scarlet from their story, Scarlet, and Farah Ahmedi from her story “The Other Side of the Sky”, they all went through very dark and arduous times. Cinder seeked to overcome her fears and stand up for what is right rather than absconding from them. Scarlet and Ahmedi desired to have better lives. However, all three were very tenacious to endure their hardships and live in a better world.
First of all, what drives Cinder to undertake her mission in her book, which was to escape from the horrible, envious Queen Levana that was trying to seize and murder
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Everyone was telling her that it was just a waste of time and her grandmother probably was already dead, but she wouldn’t let their rude remarks stop her. For instance, “[Scarlet’s Grandmother] She had been gone for over two weeks. Just disappeared without sending a comm, without a good-bye, without any warning. [...]Her grandmother was missing and nobody cared” (Meyer 7,9). This proves that Scarlet grew to become very worried and confused about her grandmother’s abrupt absence. Since no one cared about her grandmother’s unexpected disappearance, she believed that even if no one was going to help her, she was still going to find her grandmother and bring her safely back to home, no matter what the dreadful cost may be. For example, shortly after Scarlet had eventually missing found her grandmother, by being kidnapped by the same vicious people that were under the control of the wicked Queen Levana back in Cinder’s story, she knew at once she had been too late: “Their gazes met and she could see, in an instant, that her grandmother would not be moving again” (Meyer 380-381). This relates to before in the book when Scarlet was resolute to find and take her grandmother back home like before and have a normal and carefree life once again, but sometimes, even when you have everything planned out for a mission, it might not always be the outcome you desire. Since Scarlet was still traumatized by the fact that she had just watched her beloved grandmother die right in front of her eyes when she had just met Cinder, she felt very upset that Cinder hasn’t done anything to stop Queen Levana and had let all those people die all because of her, especially her grandmother. For instance: “Why haven’t you done anything to stop her? People are relying on you. People think you can make a difference and what are you doing?

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