The Story Of Celia, A Slave Essay

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The story of Celia, A Slave highlights different social, political, and sexual outcomes that occur to slaves during this time. In Celia’s story she was a sexual partner to Robert Newsom. She was always raped by her master, until one day she murdered her master and disposed of his body by burning it. Celia’s action of killing Newsome, the “master” caused a lot of different outcomes. She had to go through trial and it was influenced by individuals that were trying to restore the personal rights for slaves with moral codes, politics and economic rights.
When Newsom purchased Celia, appearances suggested that he was looking for a servant to assists with cooking and household work. However, that was not the case, Newsom would rape the young girl. The next years of Celia’s life after being bought, her role was being Newsom’s conjugal partner. Due to being Newson’s sexual partner, she was granted certain rights, including by having her own cabin on the property close to the house. Slaves usually lived in small quarters with little privacy, but Celia had her own unique place. It was mainly to keep her away from the other slaves, and for Newsom’s night time visits. As stated “Life for Celia would entail continual sexual exploitation by her master.” . This continued for five years. Throughout that time Celia develops a relationship with a slave named George, whom also belongs to Newsom. Celia turns out to be pregnant with her third child in 1855, and the father of that child could be…

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