Essay on The Story Of Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe

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The story behind the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe is one that is very easy to imagine with the way Edgar wrote the poem. Edgar uses his feelings and emotions toward his Annabel and how she passes to write such a beautiful yet very tragic poem. Edgar goes above and beyond with his words to show just how much he loved and still loves Annabel and how she felt the same way towards him as well. This poem is written for love and completely about the love story that unfortunately ended tragically between Edgar and Annabel. The love this man had for this woman is used in such a way to create a romantic poem with Edgar’s gothic style twist. Edgar wrote this poem specifically to tell his love story between himself and Annabel and naturally as poet, Edgar uses rhyme and lines that flow easily which is more of a ballad type of poem. The poem itself tells a love story which is easy to read and understand because of the way he wrote it and the way he set the stanzas up to rhyme almost like a love song. Although the poem seems as if it would be written in the romanticism period of literature, Edgar himself was actually more of a gothic writer which would explain the very tragic an odd ending. Edgar goes on to explain how the death of his beloved Annabel didn’t stop him from going to her tomb where she lay dead and lay next to her ever night. This poem comes off as very lovely and rhythmical yet Edgar being the gothic style writer that he is puts a gothic twist at the end when he…

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