Essay on The Story Of An Hour

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1) Main Characters
“The Story of an Hour” consists of two main characters. The main characters are Louise Mallard and Brently Mallard. The two are married and have a relationship that fits in with the time period. During the 1800s the husband expects the wife to do “wife jobs” and the wife must respect the husband. Understandably, Louise Mallard constantly feels burdened to live up to her husband’s unrealistic expectations. She does not realize it, but she longs for freedom to do what her heart desires. Louise’s relationship with Brently is like being trapped in a cage. She is described as “young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression…” (Chopin). Clearly she is beautiful, but she looks old due to her husband’s constant suppression. Louise also has heart problems that play a significant role toward the end of the story. Her husband, Brently, is a typical 1800’s husband. Not much is said about his looks; however, it can be inferred that he expects a lot from Louise due to how burdened she is.
“Desiree’s Baby” has two main characters. Desiree is a young, beautiful girl who has been married to another main character, Armand Aubigny. They have a strong relationship until Armand realizes his newborn child is black. Being shallow, he blames his wife saying she must not be white. This infers that he has the upper hand in their relationship. Similarly to “The Story of an Hour,” Desiree is held back and suppressed by her husband. Although Desiree is vocal about her…

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