Essay The Story Of An Hour, The Storm And The Awakening

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Throughout literature many authors show their meaning behind the stories that are written. Literatures at many times represent culture and tradition, in where an author comes from like Kate Chopin. A female author that represents women in the old times, where they had no freedom, no voice, and were properties of their husband. In Chopin’s novels, The Story of an Hour, The Storm and The Awakening, all have some similar and differences between each protagonist, plot, setting, symbols and themes within the stories. Kate Chopin was born as Kate O’ Flaherty (1850-1904) and was an American female author. She was the third out of five children, in which her sisters died when they were infants. Her childhood was filled with heartbreaking trauma. Chopin was the only child to live past the age of twenty-five. In 1855 she was sent to a Sacred Heart boarding school in St. Louis. Two months later Chopin’s father was killed crossing a bridge, in which it collapse and a train went by; her father died on All Saint’s Day. After the death of her father, she lived with just women’s in the house, her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Chopin grew up in the Civil War Era, which made it hard for her to reconnect with the only friend she had, Kitty Garesche. Her only memory of Kitty was when she used to call Chopin an “Irish Beauty”. Kate Chopin’s family were slave holders. Kate’s grandmother past away three days before Christmas and her half-brother died as well from a fever on Mardi…

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