The Story Of An Hour Of Freedom By Kate Chopin Essay examples

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An Hour of Freedom
The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin is about a wife who is told that her husband died, how she reacts to the news, and how she reacts when he walks in the door alive (428-429). This story is about emotional, intellectual, and physical freedom. It was published in 1894 during a time in American history when women were fighting for equality and starting to see progress. Women just beginning to enter the workforce as opposed to solely taking care of their home and husband. In this story Chopin is illustrating that it is soul crushing for a woman to be under her husband’s complete control. Sexism still exists, in varying degrees, in marriages today, but women are capable human beings who deserve the right to make their own destiny. Women who have never experienced any other way of life do not realize how debilitating it is. Mrs. Mallard’s life was controlled by her husband to the extent that she was unsure of her own feelings.
When Mrs. Mallard reflects on her feelings for Mr. Mallard her first thought is that she did love her husband, but upon further reflection she comes to another conclusion. Her reaction to the news of his death was to “[weep] at once, with sudden, wild abandonment” (428). Chopin wants the reader to understand that Mrs. Mallard’s response is typical of a woman who is told her husband died: It is the reaction of a proper wife. In her room, she continues to sob occasionally. Chopin even points out that the sob is like that of a child…

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