The Story Of An Hour By Mrs. Mallard Essay

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In “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard felt like her husband was abusing her marriage this problem still exist in real-life with some women. At the story there is a sentence that really brought how Mrs. Mallard felt when they told her Brently passed away. “When she abandoned herself a little whispered word escaped her slightly parted lips. She said it over and over under her breath: “free, free, free!”(Kate Chopin, pg. 2). Mrs Mallard suffer from a heart condition her sister was going to tell her the news. But, she was scared because maybe her heart couldn’t resisted. She explain what was going on an accident with a train a closed friend believed that her husband had been killed. Louise felt sad but not crushed by her husband death, nor she felt disappointed. She went up stairs after a while she came down the stairs, Brentley entered the front door. Mrs. Mallard was going down stairs Richard saw her but, he didn’t wanted to shock her. Slightly there was a quick view of Brently. Louise sees him and dies by the shock she had seen his husband alive when they have told her he was in an accident.
The story background is about a couple that loved each other but, the wife has a heart condition and there was a accident and they think that her husband die. However, it’s not true Mrs. Mallard felt happy but, then after a while her husband comes through the front door. She always felt that her husband was abusing their marriage this is a problem still exist in real-life with some of…

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