The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

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1894 a time frame where women had no power or say in anything. They were caretakers, in this day and age women stayed home, took care of the children, cooked and cleaned as the men worked. Men were the shining stars during this age in time, women were in the background unless spoken to, or told what to do the did nothing. What everyone who was not a woman during this time failed to realize is that women had feelings too, they had ambitions and desires but they were never heard. Women lived in fear they dare not go against their husbands or speak out of turn, they had no voice so they wouldn 't dare speak. The short story "Story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin is a well written powerful narrative about a woman, Louise Mallard is a soft spoken, elegant woman who kind of just goes with the flow. Told by her sister and her husband 's good friend very carefully (because of her heart condition) that her husband has died. She thinks of things such as with her husband being dead what does that mean for her, or why is she thinking of everything else but mourning after her husband. Does this make her a bad person for thinking these things? Louise Mallard was just another emotional woman living in a time where women were constantly overlooked. Some key components that make Louise 's character different are the significates of her reaction to her husbands ' death, her fragile heart taking the harsh news, and how the story had many underlying factors that make readers question…

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