Essay The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Story of an hour” is a powerful and dramatic short story written by Kate Chopin. the characters she included was Mrs. Louise Mallard, Mr. Brently Mallard, Josephine and Richard. In this story Kate Chopin wanted to express how women wanted to he distinct from there husband. Such as having their own identity from their husband last name. Since her husband has passed away Mrs. Mallard can be the woman she wanted to be. Mrs. Mallard death came from seeing her husband came from seeing her husband, because now she knew the life she wanted to make for herself is no longer going to be possible.
Mrs. Mallard was somewhat relieved to find out that her husband has passed away in a car wreck. Mrs. Mallard was not happy in her relationship with her husband nor was she happy being married to her husband. she sat in her room chanting under her breath “free, body and soul free!” she kept reiterating those words over and over. (paragraph 10). women then couldn’t do anything without their husband say so. Such as no going out unless it for what he wants.
Mrs. Mallard hated being in the relationship with her husband because he made her feel miserable. “what could love, the unsolved mystery count for in space of this possession of self-assertion, which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being!” (paragraph 15). that women back then almost forgot how to love themselves or how to treat themselves. Such as someone would have to love them before they knew what love was. Mrs.…

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