Essay about The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Kate Chopin is known as one of “America’s essential authors” (Ollack), she has produced many works including novels and short stories. Her work composed of, the lives of intelligent women. In many of her short stories including “Story of an hour” (SH) and “Desiree’s Baby” she mainly focused on self-discovery and the role of women in marriage. Chopin’s stories was very much welcomed and published by some of America’s prestigious magazines during her era. Between the nineteenth and eighteenth century women were trapped in their marriages. Meaning their feelings, thoughts, and desires, were not cared for. Wives were expected to act a certain way and definitely not to express their feelings. Although Chopin was not the “conventional” wife, she felt that it was a necessity for women to express themselves and to find their own identity. Kate strongly displayed the male dominance in marriages in numerous stories (Nissenbaum).
In “Desiree’s Baby” Armand the husband “ordered the corbeille from Paris” (Chopin) to force Desiree’s hand in marriage. This displays that Desiree will never have a voice in their marriage and her freedom was gone. Also, in the beginning Chopin describes Desiree as “soft white muslins and laces” (Chopin) but when she encounters Armand she is “silent, white, motionless” (Chopin), as you can see Armand has a huge effect on Desiree and her wellbeing. This is also an example of the male dominance in marriages, because he didn’t ask for her hand in marriage,…

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