The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

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Novels, short stories, and most other forms of literature have one thing in common, a setting; a place and/or date which sets the whole story, the setting gives the reader an understanding of how and why the character thinks and acts. The setting of a story places the mood, an author 's influence on the whole story and shows the type of society the characters live in and how it reflects on them. The Story of an Hour is a prime example of how setting can limit a character 's behavior and how it creates an internal conflict within the character.
Kate Chopin, at 15 years old was married and by 23 she had six children, Kate and her husband were well involved in their community but when Kate’s husband died, she took care of her husband’s business and herself. Kate Chopin was quite scandalous, as she was known for flirting with married man, and as far as having an affair with one. Kate Chopin could be seen as an example of life imitating art, as many of her stories seem to have one thing in common of women struggling to find themselves and revolting against the expectations of the nineteenth century. Kate Chopin is seen as one of the earliest pioneers for feminism, her stories show the struggle of women during the nineteenth century which in her time was very bold due to the image and societal expectations. Many of Kate Chopin stories show the journey of women going through self-identity crisis or the rebellion of gender/society norms, her stories usually showed the protagonist…

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