The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay examples

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In her short story, The Story of an Hour, Kate Chopin makes it ambiguous as to how Louise Mallard truly feels in regards to the news of her husband’s passing. Chopin’s use of progressively positive language leads many to believe that Louise Mallard is actually delighted to hear that she is now a widow, rather than being anguished like any person would after the death of a loved one. As Louise Mallard comes to terms with her husband’s alleged death, she repetitively “whispers under her breath” the words, “free, free, free” (Chopin 1). Later in the story, she similarly whispers, “Free! Body and soul free!” (2). Although not directly stating it, Louise Mallard’s language suggests she is happy to be liberated from her marriage. The word ‘free’ in itself is word that refers to liberation, openness, and emancipation. Louise Mallard’s use of the word free suggests she felt as if she was a prisoner in her marriage with Brently Mallard. Now that her husband has passed, she is now free to live as she pleases. The use of language that relates to liberation creates a positive tone, implying she is thrilled with her husband’s passing. Chopin selectively uses positive word choice to portray Louise Mallard as elated to finally be independent from her husband, generally making her happier. Similarly, Chopin uses comparative metaphors that suggest freedom, which implies Louise Mallard to be happy. For example, Chopin compares Mrs. Mallard’s emotions to a “very elixir of life” as she gazed…

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