The Story Of An Hour By Daniel Deneau Essay

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Chopin’s The Story of an Hour, is a part of a book by Daniel Deneau called The Explicator. The article was published at Minnesota State University- Morehead. This article serves as a quality scholarly article because it clearly depicts Chopin’s The Story of an Hour to a tee, Deneau does a phenomenal job explaining each line and what exactly it means. Deneau allows readers of Chopin’s story to greater understand what is happening and really grasp the short story at hand. This article is a combination of his thoughts and other scholars thought about the short story, many sources are listed that Deneau used throughout his article. The author, Deneau uses direct quotes from the text to even more so prove his point about why Chopin said this or that. The contents of this text This text had to be a solid source, due to the fact that it was found on NClive which is a very credible source of information. Daniel Deneau, is the author of the article here. The author cites around 6 sources, including Kate Chopin herself. The author has notes throughout the article explaining words or phrases that otherwise would not be known by the reader of the story. Deneau attitude toward Chopin’s The Story of an Hour seems to be positive, he seems to be a fan of Chopin and really admire her work. Deneau is making the argument that this is really a great short story and others should read it. The ethos used in this article is a positive one, he seems to try to encourage readers to dive deeper…

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