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Once upon a time in a land of long ago, there was a girl named Alexandria. She was living with her father when he married a wretched woman who brought in her two daughters. They tortured her daily with chores and belittled her beyond belief. Her life was lived in exile, but she stayed as a servant to her sisters. “Clean this firepit of all the ash.” one of the sisters demanded. “Any pieces you will have trouble.” she threatened. They constantly berated her looks and even her life. She was the scapegoat of anything that went wrong and all she could do was take it in silence. But then, Alexandria caught word of a special event in town! There was a ball in which the prince would be finding a wife. Oh how she wanted to go, but she knew that she would not only be forbidden, but she didn’t have any clothes to go. “I would like to go to the ball” Alexandria proposed, but was soon shut down by her step mother. “You cannot go,” she laughed, “you have to stay home and wash the dishes, clean the floors and prepare for your sisters to get home.” And just like that Alexandria’s dream was crushed. She ran outside to the grave of her mother, and cried. As the tears rolled down her cheeks, and three shining, lone tears dropped onto the dirt over her mother’s grave. At this instant a beautiful gown fell upon her. She looked around and saw nobody, but a little bird in the tree. She thought nothing of it, but took the gown and ran inside to prepare. She was off to the…

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