The Story Drown By Junot Diaz Essay

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In the story Drown by Junot Diaz the boys are waiting for their father to return so they all could be a family again. Mother gets disappointed with every thing and leaves. Out of the blue mother receive a letter from the father, but there is no money inside. Rafa read the letter tell, Yunior father coming. Yunior reacts to father not coming. Mother leaves for a few weeks, leaving her son’s and mother. The mother comes back home to help with her kids. Boy’s finally realize their dad is not coming back home. Sunday mom takes a day off to have a family day get everyone together to see a movie. After the movie mom treats them to flavored ices, while they all watch Salamander crawl around on the sea. A single mother’s frustration, Mami and her two son’s a Dominican family living in New York city try to cope with their mother being a single parent. Throughout the story the author uses many literary devices to capture how the characters feel in this rough time. Through the use of plot, theme, and tone readers can connect to the culture and feelings of the characters. The tone throughout the story was melancholy. For example, “The year papi came for us, the year I was nine, we expected nothing” (77). The way the boy’s express the way they feel about their father is coming home is low spirited caused by loss of hope. In anther point in the story the grandmother shares how she felt about the…

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