Essay on The Story Arena By Fredric Brown

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The story Arena by Fredric Brown written in 1944 shows the conflicts and ideas circulating in the United States in the 1940’s under the influence of World War II. The reader follows Carson’s journey and has the opportunity to analyze the consequences of the ritual battle in this science fiction stage and connect it to conflicts back home. Furthermore, the hate between Carson and the Roller is center staged, and outsiders are characterized as evil beings and enemies. During an era of moral absolutism where there are two options: black or white, good or bad and thus evil must be defeated. This battle carried in outer space resembles WWII in the warfare the participants were involved in and the hate nations of the world had against each other. This story alludes to how every war intends to resolve a conflict; however, this often leads more violence in a showcase of superiority. “I see from your mind that in your early history of nationalism battles between champions, to decide issues between races, were not unknown” Brown stated in page 42, which demonstrates the influence that battles on Earth had in this extraterrestrial combat. The author introduces for this ritual battle two opponents that are representatives of their people: Carson, the protector of the human race and the Roller as advocate for the outsiders. The rule presented by the “Entity” or superior being was “one must survive, one must progress and evolve” (42); therefore, the other race will be destroyed.…

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