Essay on The Storm Of The Gulf Coast

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As my family and I were enjoying watching our family-friends continue to win in the Little League World Series, we were hearing news of a possible historical storm preparing to hit the gulf coast. The Ewa Beach team, with my Uncle Clint as a coach and his son Ty, continued to win and the Louisiana team stuck around. Even though they were out of the tournament, it was decided that it was not safe for them to go back yet. Ewa Beach went back to Hawaii as World Champions, while Louisiana eventually boarded the flight home unsure of what they would see. Damages and Description:
During the morning hours of August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Sustaining winds of 100-140 miles per hour and stretching some 400 miles, the storm did a significant amount of damage and caused a disastrous sequence of events. From levees breaking causing massive flooding, to slow government reaction; it seemed as though the people could not escape the storm. An estimated $100 billion in damage and hundreds of thousands of displaced people made the Hurricane a historical environmental problem. Hurricane Katrina was an incredibly powerful storm that combined with slow response and poorly built infrastructure to form a colossal problem. In addition to the other aspects that influenced the damage, the topography of the region also contributed. As the Mississippi River flows throughout New Orleans it is only about two feet above sea level, with many stretches or the surrounding land…

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