Essay on The Storm Had Passed By Norval Gilmer

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The storm had passed. Norval Gilmer careened the air cab to skim along the craggy mountain range past the Terra borough’s greenhouses in the south. Since he studied geology at Gnaritus University, he enthusiastically drew Surina’s attention to the unusual topography along the way to Algonquin Beach. Through the sunroof of the air cab, she glimpsed the congregation of the three suns, Spes’ rings, Fiducia, and Clementia in the endless turquoise sky. Suddenly, as they moved further south, the jaw-dropping view of the rainbow mountain materialized with its dazzling stripes of gold, black, green, orange, red, blue, and purple. Norval turned around to tell her how lucky they were to come at just the right time since the higher moisture content of the air from the torrential downpour yesterday made the colors even more vivid than usual. Eventually, the mountain range ended in painted hills of glowing yellow, red, blue, and purple hues that contrasted sharply with the smoldering jet-black lava fields stretching far beyond into the horizon. “The volcanoes in this section are mostly either dormant or extinct,” Norval reassured Surina with a grin. “We won’t collide with lava plumes or ash clouds since there are no recent eruptions! However, there is a cluster of active volcanoes in an area much closer to the South Pole known as the ring of fire. The ring of fire is an apt name because the region has frequent eruptions as well as the brightest auroras. Green, pink, yellow…

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