The Stories Behind 2 Bizarre Archaic Laws Essay

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Series name: Did you know?
Episode name: The stories behind 2 bizarre archaic laws
Purpose: mainly to entertain and also to inform the audience
Audience: adults interested in British history

Welcome to ‘Did you know?’ podcast series. This podcast episode is recorded by Mayya McManus, student of the Wirral Metropolitan College on the 6th of April 2016. Today I will be talking about the stories behind odd and outdated laws which are not urban myths and are still in force in Britain. Perhaps, you had read something about that in the internet but I will give you all the curious details you missed.
Did you know that nobody is allowed to attend Parliament in a suit of armour? The 1313 Statute Forbidding Bearing of Armour was issued during the reign of Edward II and forbids members of Parliament from wearing armour in the House.
Here is the prequel of this event. This period in history of England characterised by political turmoil due to tension between king Edward and the most senior nobles who were trying their best to restrict the king’s power . The King’s close friend and, if you believe some medieval chroniclers, lover, relatively low-born Piers Gaveston was hated by these nobles and no wonder why: he was receiving endless favours from the king. For example, the earldom of Cornwall had traditionally been reserved for members of the royal family; however Edward II made Piers Gaveston Earl of Cornwall. Or, when Edward II left the country to marry the French king 's daughter,…

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