The Storage And Protection For Your Data For The Field Of Pharmacology

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1. Please provide details as to the storage and protection for your data for the next 5 years
There is a need to protect data and information that is useful and relevant to the field of pharmacology. The next five years will definitely have a lot of information and data that will be stored safely to avoid unauthorized access and make it easy to access and share with collaborators. Such is facilitated by the computing services provided by Bath University which allocate 1TB storage to academic staff at no cost. Additional 1TB storage is available for funded research projects and a daily data backup for three months that helps recover lost information. However, the storage will depend on a number of factors that include the accessibility from the different workplaces, the size of storage needed during a specific period, and security of the storage method (University of Bath, 2015).
2. Are you using human participants?
The research will include human participants who will fill questionnaires about the relevant information of online pharmacy. These questionnaires will not include the names of the respondents and their personal information such as the area of residence. Additionally, the research ensures that the participants are aged 18 years of age and above. Also, social media tools such as the Facebook and Twitter will help ensure the privacy of the respondents. Further, the filled questionnaires are collected individually to prevent any leakage of information that may…

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