The Stonewall Riots By Slavoj Zizek Essay

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Stonewall Riots The prominent philosopher Slavoj Zizek breaks down the standard definition of violence into a two-part cause and effect system. In his novel, Violence, he categorizes violence as either being “subjective”, i.e. the more physical and literal examples of violence, such as murder, riots, and similar acts, or “objective”, the systematic or metaphorical violence that has caused the subjective violence, such as systematic oppression by the government or similar controlling bodies. The Stonewall Riots that occurred in 1969, where police officers raided a prominent gay bar in New York City and were met with rioting and protesting from those at the scene, clearly demonstrate the cause and effect relationship of Zizek’s concepts of objective and subjective violence; The increasing number of discriminatory acts against the LGBTQ community by the police and the impact that these acts had were the catalysts that caused the oppressed to rebel and act out against them. Although violent and discriminatory acts had frequently been committed against the LGBTQ community prior to these riots, the newfound establishment of organizations formed by homosexuals and transsexuals within the twenty year period before these riots had caused much more attention to be drawn to the LGBTQ community. Gay bars and clubs began to rise in popularity as those in the community began to connect with one another. Now, the presence of homosexuals in society was no longer seen as uncommon, but…

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