The Stonewall Rebellion, An Iconic And Salient Symbol Of The Modern Gay Rights Movement

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The Stonewall Rebellion serves as an iconic and salient symbol of the modern gay rights movement- recently President Obama affirmed its relevance and power through designating
Stonewall and the surrounding neighborhood as a National Historic Site. Through his monumentalizing of the Stonewall National Monument as part of America’s National Park
System Obama attests to the vitality of LGBTQ+ culture in America, saying, “I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country, the richness and diversity and uniquely
American spirit.” Sadly, like many great cultures, the history of the gay rights movement has been erased and manipulated overtime. Before Stonewall promulgates the unique history of
America’s gay rights movement by examining key trends, perspectives, organizations, and events in the decades of the early 1900’s, the war period, and 50’s & 60’s directly leading up to the riot.
The early 1900’s was an era of isolation and silence for homosexuals. Many of the people interviewed recollected having received no sexual, and feeling as though they were the only ones experiencing these strange feelings. During this period homosexuals who did practice were estranged from their families and societies, even in insane asylums. This led to the “World of the
Night” in the 1920’s- a world of illicit homosexual underground action as homosexuals left their hometowns and flocked to urban bohemian neighborhoods where they could explore their sexuality unfettered by…

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